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Unser Wissen und unsere Erfahrung beim Umbau
historischer Gebäude sind für unsere Klienten von großem Wert.
Wir zeigen, wie Altbausanierung im Idealfall aussehen kann.

Bert & Wulf Christmann, Unternehmensführer in 2. Generation
Bert & Wulf Christmann, Unternehmensführer in 2. Generation

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The Christmann Group is one of Berlin’s leading property developers with an emphasis on the restoration of buildings and cultural heritage preservation. Originating from a building company with the experience of two generations, the company operates exclusively in Berlin. Within the fabric of historical buildings we create exclusive living spaces and combine contemporary comfort with an attractive ambience.

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      Historic buildings are not freely reproducible. Not least because we are looking for homes that always appeal to our emotions. For this reason it is our mission, to perceive unique opportunities. For us, houses are not business ventures. We see them as pieces of architectural heritage and precious witnesses of our history. With a restoration fitting to their style we give them back their old sparkle and pass them on to the future.

As we know

The majority of our Berlin properties are over a century old. We continue to add chapters to the story behind each unique property. Our work is influenced by respect and admiration for the historic sites as well as the high level of professionalism and customer service we provide.

  • Phase I

    Preview &

    As an investor, we constantly acquire new Real Estate in Berlin that fits the Christmann Group identity. We therefore own properties of various sizes, uses and conditions.

    A key factor for the successful completion of our transactions lies in professional organization in the terms of purchases. They are composed centrally and performed according to a structured approach. This also applies to complex or complicated procedures. We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all parties involved in the process.

    At the request of the vendor, we subject our bids for financial confirmation by creditable financial institutions.

  • Phase II

    Planning &

    The secret behind our strong performance lies in the effective combination of our experience and expertise in the development of Real Estate. We work on the later recovery concepts in the purchase analysis phase. Our portfolio also includes project management and the necessary coordination with tenants, owners, authorities and investors, in addition to the implementation of all phases of performance. As a result, we guarantee a quick yet complete execution.

    Christmann Projektentwicklung GmbH, with its team of project managers, architects, civil engineers and building designers, allows us to fulfill of our requirement to complete projects within the ideal timeframe.

  • Phase III

    Modernisation &

    The turnkey implementation of renovation and modernization work is carried out by a subsidiary of our group, the Construct Baumanagement GmbH. A great advantage is the associated cost transparency and quality control with the affiliated company. Through quality controls implemented permanently during construction by neutral external experts, we ensure compliance with the objectives of renovation in each phase.

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      It’s not the location that is critical, but what we make of it. We know where and how individual living concepts can be translated in historic listed buildings and only purchase Real Estate in which we ourselves wish to stay.

      Bert Christmann